District Assessment

Friday 10th August 2012: H vs SS; Esther Shiner #6, 21:00 EST.

96 hours to kick-off. Boots brushed. Whistles washed. Cards polished.

The teams have been scouted in their first leg match from Sunday 29th July 2012. It was quite the heated game so I’ll have my work cut out for me but we’ll see how I fare this Friday night. Two teams with completely different playing styles.

The assessor has been arranged and my assistants MD1 and MD2 prepared and informed. I’ve had a practice run of my pre-game talk in front of my mirror (going to have to cut it down so my ARs can remember it all!). I’ll likely be at the field a few hours before getting mentally and physically warmed-up. It won’t be easy with a lot going on in my life but focus is key. I’ve known about this appointment 31 days in advance so it has been playing with my psyche.

An update to come on Saturday evening about Friday night’s happenings. This is make or break. Time to write my own destiny.

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