Refereeing: 2012 Season

I’m starting out to write a refereeing blog to cover all the highs and lows of my career. For the sake of anonymity, I won’t be mentioning the names of anyone I was working with in my games but simply use fictitious initials.

It has been almost four years since I held an Assistant Referee’s flag for the first time in an inter-school match in the Middle East. What really got me started into it was the CAS Program and my first instructor, WB.

Now, a ways down the road, I have refereed in 56 matches just over the past 61 days and moving ever closer to upgrading next year. 56 matches! That’s 5040 minutes of non-stop movement, not a moment for a lapse in concentration or a second of hesitation to spare! Refereeing at this rate is really goes above and beyond what even an athlete does. Needing to recuperate in less than 24 hours, completing post-game work and beginning the pre-game preparations for the next game is the challenge everyday.

Friday August 10th approaches quickly this week and some of you may question the importance of this date but the next 12 months of my life and the rest of my refereeing could be quite well decided on that date. I have my game kicking off at 9pm and my assessment will be taking place then.

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