Game Offers: Another Opportunity

So following the game two weeks ago, I had a chat with the Referee Co-ordinator on Tuesday and from a quick phone discussion, we agreed that most of the areas to work on recommended by the assessor were menial. I knew that the vast majority of them were either incidental or very easy to repair. 48 hours later, I see four new game offers. More excitingly, one of them was a middle!

Not bad at all…

It mean that I had another opportunity to do an assessment. The DRC will confirm with me soon though as to what the procedure will be. I’m excited to work with a new team, namely RG and ES. I worked with RG this past Friday night on the same field and I should be fine. It turns out that the double-header (two games back-to-back) on September 14th may be more than I bargained for!

RG requested an assessment for his September 14th 7pm middle as well so I might be assessed for more than 180 minutes of refereeing in one night! It’s going to be very interesting how that turns out. I’m more excited about it than intimidated.

I was fairly wary of accepting the first of the assignment duo because I wasn’t sure how it would affect my performance in the second game but I’m confident I’ll do better when I interact with the rest of my team.

My preparation for this game will be very different.

  • I have a list of items I need to work on leading up to the assignment thanks to the input of several other referees and assessors. My aim is to halve the list of areas of improvement before that date (24 days).
  • I will also be using the Ervocom electronic flags to aid in the cohesive-ness of the team. Hopefully it will work to my advantage.
  • I should have a while to practice my pre-game to deliver a fluid and concise set of instructions.
  • It’s going to be a lot easier for my pre-game schedule since all the referees will be there prior because of the previous game we have and the field inspection completed for the most part.

I’ll be calling the rest of my team prior to the assignment to check-in with them, connect and ensure we are all on the same page.

I have appointments with both teams in different games so I’ll be able to take notes again and heed what to look out for and expect in my game.

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