Youth Academy Game

I was in charge in the middle for this Exhibition face-off this past Saturday. This game was, by far, the best referee crew I have worked with. Both DF and GC were awesome, experienced referees and enthusiastic at the same time. I haven’t worked with many of those! We all met at the field a good half hour prior to the game. All on time for a nice change.

The home team’s new training ground was a little hard to locate given that the park had it’s own fields all in the vicinity and there wasn’t clear directions but we found and got to the field 20 minutes before kick-off.

Great field other than the construction fence randomly jutting near the touchline

Game went well all-in-all and I got some great feedback and advice from the rest of my team on the game. We had a great chat and discussion after in the Referees’ Dressing Room; definitely one of the best I’ve been to.

Game Summary: No cards. 3 – 0


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