September 8th Weekend & Impending Assessment

What a month, what a week, what a weekend…

It has been games galore this summer and it’s hard to imagine doing this many games ever again in one season. 88 games to date and with my future scheduled games, I will total 99! One shy of the century! I just need one more game to complete the 100. The next Game Offer is eagerly anticipated. Most of the leagues are wrapping up by next week so the Mens league will be my hope as it runs into early October. Anyways, don’t listen to me. Getting quality games is far better than quantity. The money doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get to watch a good game and speaking of good games, I had a fantastic line on a U17 Boys game last week. One or two of those would be more than enough excitement, experience and money for a week.

Speaking of getting assessments, three just this past weekend! Three referees received assessments; two looking to enter the Upgrade program and one in the program. All three were of course with me on the line and funnily enough, with the same assessor! He had a different set of comments for each assessment because I was very mindful of his comments in the next game I had and was concentrating on avoiding those mistakes/techniques. Now the juicy info. My assessment game approaches this Friday. 9pm. From my previous games on the line with these two teams, it looks like I am in for a fast-paced, tough game. My foul recognition will be tested to its limits here so I’ll have to get my man management and disciplining spot on.

In terms of preparation, I just had a U15 Boys game earlier tonight that was good preparation. I was very pleased because my pre-game went well; teams in the youth league are serious about training and warm-ups and are at the field early. Also since I was at the field 2 hours before (because I didn’t have anything else to do), the game started more or less on time. I worked with MK and KL who helped me out where needed. The game happened to be a relegation match; both teams were in danger of relegation and the losing team would be demoted from the division which was the highest level for their age group. The game was fast-paced, to say the least, because I have never run more in a game. I must have covered a good 5 kilometres in the 90 minutes plus 5 minutes of injury time. I only had to show one caution but the game was in complete control otherwise. My thoughts are that the assessor looks for fitness and match control as the key points from a referee. I think I can handle those requirements but the key will be cleaning house with the items I need to work on.

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