Game Day

Game day! Gotta leave the house in 15 minutes. I have an assessment for the upgrading program already.

What does today mean? I need the RDO’s recommendation.

2 comments on “Game Day

  1. Bill Bradley says:

    So how did it go?

    Will a good assessment get you more adult games? That is where you need to be if you are going to progress, youth games are fine and it is important that they are properly refereed but adult games are a quantum leap further on and season after season of wall to wall adult games are what you really need.

    • larbitre says:

      I’ll post my reply to how it went in a post later today at worst.
      A good assessment accompanies my application next year to enter the Regional Upgrade program. I am getting adult games now but I’ll get more quantity and more quality in adult games. I would need to complete 20 games and get assessed in at least three of them to move to the next classification.

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