Pre-Assessment Day

Less than 24 hours to go to my game. Today was rest day and I got a haircut and a clean shave to make myself look good for the game. The assessor will be on the lookout for even the finest of details that make/break a referee’s game. The change is also nice for the confidence. I have been practicing a few signals in front of the mirror over the past week; best way to perfect signalling. I’ll explain all of this in a post later on in the off-season. Makes for better technique tomorrow. After all, a referee doesn’t know how his signalling looks unless he is watching himself!

The real blind-side news for tomorrow’s assessment game is that I won’t be having my Ervocom electronic flags for the game. It’s so sad that despite all the anticipation I had and willingness from the Assistant Referees tomorrow, the screws on the receiver wore out. I had only unscrewed the receiver 3-4 times but Ervocom hadn’t upgraded their design until they realised the flaw later. They promised to send me all the replacement parts but I can’t open the receiver to replace the batteries in time. NO MATTER! I can manage this game with or without electronic flags. I am very confident that I can meet the expectations set out by the assessor. Meeting my own expectations? That’s a different story.

I just had a read of my past assessment. The mistakes I made then need to be my strengths now and I think that my style, personality and technique on the field has evolved very quickly over this season. Even just over the past month since my August 10th assessment! I know it might be hard to believe even from referees but game #90 for this season and #365 of my career has rolled around the corner a lot faster than I thought and after a lot of hard work. Wednesday’s game was a good preparation because I know I will be ready for the amount of running no matter how much.

My fitness before the game tomorrow will be key and in response, I took today off and blocked my availability from all schedulers to recuperate. The soreness is still there but I should be back to normal by tomorrow evening. My left knee and hamstring have been bothering me however since last night so I hope they won’t act up during/before the game. I’m going to need a thorough warm-up and stretching session for the first game that I am the Assistant Referee in so the night goes well.

Despite the impending assessment tomorrow evening, I am worried about what this weekend holds in store for me with 11 games. My game schedule ends this Wednesday so it wouldn’t be well for me to get injured before then or at all for that matter! I need to be careful or the burnout of the season will catch up to me. My bags are filled with three bottles of Gatorade, four energy bars, my laundered kits, washed whistles, shined shoes and I could really go on but you get that point that my bag is full. 🙂

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