September 2012

Now the thing with refereeing is that you never really know which game could be your last of the season; at least as a grass-roots referee. Leagues and tournaments tend to wrap up in mid-September but if you are lucky enough, those appointments in late September, October and even November can show up so until the end of October really, you can’t pack your things into the back of the closet. I fear that this season was too good to be true with the strength of football in the area and it won’t be even near the same when I’m back to university simply because there are far fewer teams and therefore fewer games. Transport is also far weaker when it comes to public transport so I am really going to miss this experience. It was fun while it lasted and I hope I can do something like this again in the future.

My schedule has two games remaining on it this weekend and a few may appear in October so the season is winding down and the finish is approaching. Recently a fellow referee JE brought Futsal refereeing to my attention which sounded very interesting and which I might give a try this Winter. I’m just keeping my eyes peeled out for a Futsal Entry Level Clinic. So far, no clubs have put an application for one but I have my fingers crossed that someone will! The slowdown has also given me the opportunity to go out and watch senior referees do games so I can pick up a few techniques they use that I can add to my own repertoire.

The past two weeks have been quite the rollercoaster ride of games and activity with me hitting both the lows and highs of my career so far. I’ve had so many mixed emotions that I would by lying if I said I didn’t consider quitting or am still thinking about it. Only time will tell and as on of my good friends advised me, AN, a break will be a good time to mull things over and to recover emotionally.

On a more interesting note,

Crazy Football Referee Google search leads here

Also my latest find that I received in the mail yesterday!

FIFA Fair Play Badge

My walk to the field before my last middle.

I might have a few game recaps for the assignments left in the season but my Winter/late Fall schedule is to publish a post approximately bi-weekly on Useful Know-Hows for referees. Keep a look out for that! Comment here if there is anything you want to hear about.

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