Referee Bug

I thought I would kick-off the Winter session of posts with something I will likely be referring to as the ‘bug’ in the rest of this blog. This post is better suited to referees.

The reason for the survival of football as a sport is quite simply because of a disease. A very special type of disease. A Referee Disease.

Without this disease, there are no referees. Without referees, there is no game. On a side note this is what it would be like,

Now that you are exposed to life perhaps without referees… let’s take a look at what this disease/bug is. The one true saviour of football as we know it.

What causes this disease you ask?

An acute exposure to the beautiful game as a referee. The exhilaration and fun of managing a game can overpower any downside to being a referee. It’s an addiction that grows extremely rapidly. Almost like a virus!

How does one survive?
You don’t! The disease consumes you and quite often your bank account, time, thoughts and everything life-related. Quite deadly.
Caution: This is proven to have negative effects on love life.

How widespread has this disease reached?
There are many referees infected with this bug and few are aware of it. Awareness is key! This article is likely the first of its kind anywhere on the internet describing this bug. Beware. It has been known to devour your personal time and provide a lot of fun. Now we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Now don’t get mixed up by what I am saying. I’m not saying every referee has this disease. Only some of them do. Referees that have them come with various strains at both extremes but when you meet a referee or work with one, you may get a hint of the disease in them. The real test is to bring up a bit of juicy world refereeing news. If their eyes light up at the mention, you have found another! Point them here now!

As you can probably tell, I am quite obviously infected by the bug as well. It struck me three years ago in 2009 and it is probably one of the most deadly strains of it. The disease is known for generating enthusiasm and passion for refereeing. Some of the signs that you are severely infected include surfing the internet to find things referee-related, getting excited to meet new referees, being ecstatic at getting game appointments (I mean super excited at those RefCentre game offer e-mails!) and not to mention buying random referee gear/equipment online. You can see my symptoms of it all over my blog and will continue to as posts come out.

How do you find out or verify if you have been infected?
One of the most obvious ways is if you can re-write/mouth the entire script for the ‘Kill the Referee‘ movie by heart including the Spanish, French and Italian. If you haven’t seen this movie yet and you are a referee, you should! The embedded link I posted above has the whole movie but I recommend watching it with subtitles. This might require ordering the fairly inexpensive DVD but anyone with the disease wouldn’t think twice!

The other is that you have already decided to click ‘Follow’ on the column to the right and stay tuned for more updates. There’s no way you would let any other refereeing update pass you by. Why not receive all of them at your inbox as soon as they are published! I’m sure the others with the disease would like to know how many of us there really are out there. Press ‘Like’ below to identify yourself. Perhaps we can make a referee cult?!

I have also created a page above on other referees online. Click it and quench the never-ending thirst of the disease!

Comment here if you have this disease or thoughts on it!


2 comments on “Referee Bug

  1. itootrdotcom says:

    I especially appreciate the part about how the disease infects one’s wallet. We’re supposed to make money doing this! Aren’t we?!?

    • larbitre says:

      I know! The deadlier the disease, the bigger the hole in the wallet. You just wonder where all those game fees went!
      Keep a look-out for my post on Referee Accounts! Definitely a great way to track expenditure and see where the disease hits hardest. It’s helped me try to control my disease.

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