Since moving to North America, the hardest thing to adjust to has been the term ‘soccer’. Mind you I have had to put up with it for the past two years now but still strongly hold to my roots and know it as ‘football’. A lot of people said that I would give up but I have made it this far! Positive stubbornness. Most people who move here simply give up and call it ‘soccer’ for the sake of simplicity. Some of the confused looks I get in conversations are quite comical when people are struggling to understand what I am talking about with their own interpretations.

Sometimes to avoid a possible confusion scenario, I point at someone playing football and say “this sport” to avoid having to say the deadly word. Nobody has really noticed my avoidance of saying it but pay close attention and you will. Whenever necessary such as when I held the ‘Indoor “Soccer” Referee-In-Chief’ position at my university, I would use hand-quotes to denote the term.

The real mission is turning others and bringing them back from the dark side. Mission football is underway.

Two of the best supporting videos I have found are below. Having watched the second video twice, I have made a resolution to refer to American football as “hand-egg” now whenever possible. Enjoy!

Are you a North American football referee? Have you struggled/given up on calling it football? Leave your comments here.

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