Futsal Season & Career Kick-off

And the Futsal season has kicked-off! I had my first two games this past weekend with a prominent official BG who mentored me through the first two games. It was quite the experience. Three games this coming Saturday and I am very much looking forward to it.

The first game had a slow start as both teams were adjusting to the different rules of Futsal since everyone was transitioning from the indoor/outdoor game. Surely enough everyone made mistakes; players, me and the coaches. It only took until the second half when the speed picked up, players had figured out how to play, coaches better understood tactics and I understood the rules much better!

With all the stepping in that the referees had to do in the first half, the players quickly learnt but the parents watching were quite confused with the interference which really was the “instructive” portion. I heard one parent behind me, as I sprinted across the touch-line to get into the diagonal position, say “This sport is really weird and confusing”. Mid-way through the second half, I heard her say “I love this sport! It’s so fast.” I had a good chuckle off that one although not for long since there’s no room for day-dreaming. Even for a milli-second. The half-time break is really the time to regroup and take the time to reset.

Technical ability, prowess, skill and speed are the only words you need to describe Futsal. Four seconds to put the ball back into play makes for quick-thinking. Oodles of fun to play. Speaking of which I should find an opportunity to play in the area. Don’t take my word for it! Try it out and watch the beautiful game.

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