Change back Home

Perhaps change is on the horizon back home because some form of structure seems to be coming into place and the biggest motivation was from DAFL. I have to admit this has got me excited. I can’t say organised football is dead in Dubai anymore because they seem to be pushing for some structure for both coaching and refereeing. I’m unaware of the size of the league or growth but it’s a start and it would be interesting to gauge the current skill level of referees. I found a league called IFA as well and it will be interesting to know which leagues are sanctioned by the FA.

Initially I thought “What is going on?” because searching ‘Referees’ on the UAE FA website yields no results and the only link on the website goes to the list of International Referees as well as Futsal and Beach Soccer. Weird… With no word on an official structure, one would wonder where these FIFAs come from. Also odd that they don’t reply to any contact sent through their website. Perhaps a language barrier.

No longer just the Dubai Schools League & Cup. A pyramid of play and a way up!

With the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, there will certainly have to be a strong push if they would like their future referees to secure the AFC slots in a venue and atmosphere so close by as the majority of their current referees will be nearing the 45 years old retirement age as per FIFA requirements. There’s definite interest in the region as an Omani referee has set his sights on WC Final 2022. I wish him the best of luck!

Change is afoot abroad.


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