New Equipment for 2013

I’ve done my end-of-year referee shopping and not surprisingly, none of the items are from Canada. Taxes and super high mark-ups… Pfffft. Most of it originates from Australia, Germany, UK, USA and Dubai, UAE! Now this starts me in the referee accounting books in the red for the year but only temporarily. I should be back on track by the end of the month. Hopefully… because that’s what I always say!

Anyways, here are some of the spoils!

An ITOOTR flip coin courtesy of Mike Register in Atlanta, GA! Nice momento. Flip Coin Flip Coin

The next sweet item on my list is an awesome Forest Black FIFA Jacket.This has got to be one of my favourite gifts.

FIFA Jacket

A new pair of Futsal boots. This purchase was on my trip to Dubai during the Christmas holidays. A sweet pair that work great out on the court. Very comfortable as well.

Futsal Boots - adidas Goletto III Indoor

Futsal Boots – adidas Goletto III Indoor

A new Fair Play wallet courtesy of! I did a review for them on Amazon and got a free set.

Fair Play Wallet

Fair Play Wallet

A new pair of flipflops for post-game. This is a huge relief after having feet in stockings/socks for well over 2 hours during the outdoor summer season.

Adissage SC

Adissage SC

The final display piece is an OSRA Referee Wallet. I was lucky enough to win one of these at an education session for scoring well on an LOTG test.

OSRA Referee Wallet

OSRA Referee Wallet

Some of the other spoils include a Valkeen whistle, a whistle container and a new warm-up (training) jersey. Still waiting on a shipment from Refsworld!

Now some of you might say I am an adidas fanboy from a quick glance at the stuff above. The truth is, I am. What can I say? They have good quality stuff! Thank god this job pays for itself!


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