Referee Coin Toss (Part 3): A Short Look

Coming off some great success from viewers on tips to executing a great coin toss, I came across one of the few scenarios I have seen where you can audibly hear what the referee is saying from the past Real Madrid versus Manchester United UEFA CL clash on Wednesday 13th February 2013. The man in the middle, Felix Brych, is a German UEFA elite official. Some of his past appointments can be found here. His full-time job is practicing law (lawyer)!

Swedish-German Referee Team

Swedish-German Referee Team


I noticed that this scenario reveals different insight to Eriksson’s.

Referee & ARs taking notes

Referee & ARs taking notes

The main focus on this snapshot is the note-taking in the referees’ wallets.

Following a rather lackadaisical coin toss, Brych pulls out his wallet to mark the team that will be kicking-off first. All too often I see referees do this and slow down proceedings by focusing on the notes rather than the captains. This relays some lack of respect for the captains’ time or presence since he is not focusing on the task at hand (no eye contact). In order to personally combat this, I make sure all the duties and responsibilities of the coin toss are executed prior to doing any note-taking necessary (usually involves marking the team that kicks-off in the first half). I value the captains’ time by engaging them while they have arrived for the toss and allow them to leave as soon as I have relayed my message of fair play and respect as well as the required duties are completed. A point to be aware of.

Note that in this snapshot, Felix Brych and both his ARs are taking notes at the same time. I DO NOT recommend this unless of course you are working with the six-man system. Both AARs have their heads-up watching the captains at this time while the referee and ARs are noting the team kicking-off in the first half. When you are working with a three-man crew, it is crucial that at least one head is up to ensure field coverage and that there is attention directed at proceedings.

AARs now taking notes

AARs now taking notes

Only a few seconds later when Felix Brych has pocketed his wallet in his left breast pocket and has firmly shaken the hands of both captains do we see that both AARs pull out their wallets and begin the identical note-taking process. This is a great example of teamwork covered in pre-game instructions that really make a crew click together during a game.

Note that throughout the proceedings, Brych does not bend over to pick up his flip coin. He is waiting for the proceedings to finish before worrying about it.

This is the first impression. Take charge, show your authority and make it count!

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