Futsal Cup 2013 Appointment

The 51-game mark struck only two weeks ago and I personally felt some better match control in my own games when I had to take charge of a match on my own. The experience factor is slowly but surely helping.

Only two days ago did I receive the invite to the Futsal Provincial championships and I was very happy that all the focus and studying of the Futsal LOTG paid off over the past few months. It will be an exciting day tomorrow in the Final Round games of the tournament. It’s going to be a whole new experience as all the referees for the tournament will be present on the day and we will be working together in the games we are assigned. In addition to having an assessor for every game, it will be a very exciting and educational experience to officiate competitive Futsal at a higher level. We will all be kitting up in adidas 2010 World Cup and there will be a pre-tournament debriefing. Almost like a Futsal World Cup!

Only three games take place on Sunday but they are the finals for U14, U16 Boys and U16 Girls divisions. It is certainly pegged up to be an interesting match day and the experienced officials will no doubt take charge of this fixture. Despite being eager to get an opportunity to get an appointment on the nigh, my experience pales in comparison to the senior officials so I am pleased to enjoy Saturday’s competition with no regrets. The roster also opens up to a wider set of referees I haven’t worked with and it’s amazing meeting all the different people that come to the game.

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