Mens Futsal & Season Ramp-Up

As April brings in snow-free climate (at least no snow on the ground), the temperature is gradually rising. Outdoor appointments are also creeping up on the lucky few now so the wait for refereeing in the outdoor fresh air is nearing its end. Canada is still a little cool and windy outside but it isn’t enough to stop people outside kicking a ball about.

The first football match of the outdoor season is approaching so the excitement is stirring.

As the outdoor season approaches, the Futsal season reaches its close with the next weekend being the final weekend. The remainder of this weekend promises some fantastic games in the next 12 hours which means the time between then will be crucial for my post-game recovery after today’s onslaught of comebacks leading to extra-time and KFPM! KFPM in Futsal is run a little differently to Football but more so in what referees have to organise e.g. Reduce to Equate happens more often than not with mismatched number of substitutes on the bench of Futsal teams. Other what-nots to organise too!

I was pretty pleased with my performance today as I look back 6 months earlier to when I took the clinic. My Futsal foul recognition has improved since I was able to man manage but it’s something that needs to be tip-top tomorrow. My mentor, BG, commended me on my management of the worst-case scenario of the day which warranted a public rebuke. However, I was rather surprised with the draining effect the games had on me today physically. The lack of hydration and diet control during the day compounded by the booming of the spectators in the gym almost left me deaf despite blowing a FOX 40 whistle might have been a contribution.

Tomorrow also promises my first round of Mens games and it’s in the play-off setting so it’s calling for my best performance; both physically and with all the man management tricks I have up my sleeve. I’m sure it’ll only take the first few minutes in the game tomorrow to realise why everything in football is slow-motion compared to Futsal. Come to think of it, I’m sure Futsal is a great development tool for referees in football as well. Don’t think anything requires this high concentration levels other than defusing bombs but even then a close competition! Hahaha…

I already know what is on the docket for tomorrow morning at 9am. Yoga and a good breakfast before the long 30km TTC ride across the city. From what I heard, it’s a big day for the league as well so it should be interesting to see how it pans out. Exciting for sure!

I don’t think I will be doing competitive Futsal on court for a while so I’m going to enjoy every moment of the wind-down to this!


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