If you are reading this post thinking that this is going to describe the basics of Futsal, that isn’t the reason for my choice of title. In case you do want to read about the basics, see here. What it really is is the mark of my 101th game refereed in Futsal. 101 games! This includes being Referee 1, Referee 2, Timekeeper and Third Official  in order of frequency I have performed these roles.

So it has been a busy five months since I started Futsal but I’m pretty happy with the opportunities I was able to capitalise on to learn more about the beautiful sport.

Sunday’s games went well with my first experience officiating Mens’ play-offs. I was rather startled to deal with a strong form of dissent again after being away from Mens’ games for a while so I did pull a few players back on several fouls to rebuke their actions and head them off before they did something cautionable or dismissable. Lucky for me I didn’t have any cards at all that day but that question was answered later when the tally of the other referee crew hit 3 reds and 5 yellows in their two semi-finals! All warranted of course. Just a lot more action.

Also my first shot at Championship games at U10 and Junior Varsity Boys which were lightning, fast games. The atmosphere was loud enough for any loud vocal communication to occur. I don’t think I have ever had to be so switched on during a game and on my toes. The games were also pleasantly safe competition where it was clear that the players were at the game to play and put a skills clinic out on display. None of the games went past five accumulated fouls.

I did feel the physical toll of the games on myself for a few days after so these games were like any other weekends’.

This weekend leaves my final two games for Futsal season 2012-2013. Don’t think I will have the opportunity to do competitive court Futsal for a while after this.

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