Week 17 & 18

So the past two weeks have been very hectic both in and off refereeing. Busy enough that I haven’t been able to post for a while on what I’ve actually been doing (last post doesn’t really count). Another year has passed and I’m a year older and boy has the last year been quite eventful. The better word is educational because it’s been a learning experience. Hopefully the next year will prove to be the same result.

My first few games of the 2013 Outdoor season were an interesting experience. The morning of the day was quite cool but I had no clue what was in store for me after I had dressed into my kit in the dressing room and walked out with a colleague. A blast of hail and chilly wind during the games had us shivering and frozen. My glasses kept my eyes protected from the onslaught as the ice-pellets bounced off them. I really wondered whether the game was in appropriate condition to be played; really nobody was enjoying the experience under the conditions. It wasn’t dangerous. Just unpleasant.

I had been out in the cold so long that my face had frozen rock solid. This may be hard to imagine but when my shift finished and I had returned to indoors, I could literally slowly feel my face thaw out and the blood starting the flow again. This might sound better but my nerves had something else in store for me because the pain stored up kicked in and it was a mixture of relief (being back in the warmth) and “agony” (feeling the stored pain unleashed).

This was also my first experience working mini-games and it was interesting working with the younger children and taking on more of a instructive role as opposed to strictly making calls. Other than the weather, it was great.

I returned back home that day with my limbs intact and immediately began my preparations including stretching, a power nap, shower, resetting my gamebag and planning my route for the game I had later that night. I was all set early that evening.

The aftermath of this game wasn’t too great since I knew my management of it wasn’t up to par. One of those games shattering confidence so it’s a break for a while before I taste any action and I can get a fresh start. I took the next day off the High Intensity fitness test since I was still replaying the game over in my mind and fatigued from the proceedings from the day before. Not to mention that the weather on the Saturday was freezing cold! I wasn’t counting on Sunday to improve much. I was only trying the HI test for practice to get more familiar with it as I had passed my Cooper test the week earlier to meet the requirements.

Education otherwise, for the most of April, was quite slow as the season’s rumblings approached and everyone was getting busier and busier with games.

Other than that I had an interesting experience on my last day of work in the game I was playing in. I was playing as a defender and the ball I was chasing was about to go out of play and I was running straight at the touchline. I was slightly weary over the course of the game and I could feel it during my sprint and I slid to save the ball and keep it in play. The slide I made was further than usual so I had to use my knees and I got my fair share of a deep turf burn on my knee and graze burns on my forearm, wrist and shoulder. That puts me out of action for approximately two weeks and a limp in my stride. Luckily benched when things are slow but frustrating nonetheless.

Moving has certainly changed my lifestyle or will change my daily routine at the very least as I return to the student life in a smaller city as opposed to work life in the big city!

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