2013 Pre-Season

So the past one week has been different. Sidelined because of the knee and it has made me very restless. I’ve been absolutely itching to run and come a few days hopefully that will be satisfied. About 80% healed.

It was rather sad to hear recently of the Utah referee that was assaulted and that passed away as a result. The increase in these events over the past few months are rather sad. Football is a passionate game but everyone must be able to hold their frustration in the game and realise it is exactly that. A game. My condolences to the Portillo family.

I started off the beginning of last week by spectating a newcomer referee to Canada (I know that feeling all too well) in an exhibition match along with the league assignor. The weather that morning was beautiful but it was cold and windy by the time it was kick-off. It definitely was great to watch an outdoor game in action after being indoors and in fields covered in bubbles for the past eight months. Cooped up too long! I still believe that the best way to learn refereeing is to watch other referees and practice and perfect body language off of-the-field. The field is for putting all the practice into action. As always there was a lot to learn with sitting with an assessor (in an informal context).

The weather has also really warmed up so I would be surprised if we see another snowstorm! Everyone is back out in shorts and tops so  the signs of the season’s official start and kick-off is approaching ever closer.


My first game is this Friday on the line and I haven’t refereed in…

20 days!

I don’t think I have had a break this long since I left to Toronto. The change in lifestyle and transition to the season is really the major factor in the current unpaid sabbatical.

Other interesting items coming up is the Laws of the Game test this weekend. I’ve spent all of the off-season reading the Laws of the Game so I am hoping it will pay off on the day of the test by getting more than the minimum without the book! I’m sure I will be awake at the crack of dawn to do the online test this weekend and with my eyes peeled for the e-mail.

I also decided to try my hand at a long and difficult question that I’m sure most referees, encountering for the first time, would be puzzled by. What Motivates Me to Officiate? It was an essay contest by the FA that I might post later.

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