HI Test Practice

I had my first attempt at the High Intensity fitness test practice at the Provincial standard over the past week. I knew there would be a snag somewhere before doing this as the writing on paper isn’t as easy to imagine in real. I wasn’t wrong. Only took a few laps to notice the growing ache and shortness of breath.

The picture above was me before I started tiring so it was happy-going till then. Wednesday and Thursday were reserved for HI test practice as my companions were preparing for their own test this past weekend. Our practice was on the interval test where we had our fears. On the first day, we had covered the 8 laps without problems. The second day we covered 10 laps although I felt the fatigue of the previous day with me and had fallen yards behind my companion on the last few laps.

This was definitely a test not to be taken lightly and that would require practice. Not only was endurance important but the ability to recover quickly during the allotted times were important. There were many habits I was advised on in excelling at recovery in this test.

  • Don’t ball your fists. Keep them open to expend less energy and to focus on the thrusts while running
  • Keep your hands behind your heads in the recovery stretch to open your lungs and allow efficient breathing
  • Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale with the mouth (almost as though softly whistling to control breathing)

So as you can see, any effect on the lungs by sickness (i.e. colds or bronchitis) can be detrimental when running the test so get rid of it if that’s the case.

Another question that may be asked is why do the Provincial standard when I am at District? I definitely don’t need it now but it’s the next challenge to move on to as we should always strive to meet the next fitness goal.

I travelled with my companion RM to the HI test on the Saturday and was pleased to see that he did well. He agreed that our own measurements, versions and variations in our practice were far harder (a good thing) as he was able to pass with relative ease. I was only spectating but it was very useful watching the test run before I officially have to run it myself.


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