Busy First Week of 2013 Season

Watching the exhibition game two weeks ago aside, this week has been and will be hectic.

Wednesday 8th

HI Test practice. 8 interval laps at Provincial standard.


Full HI Test practice including sprints and 10 interval laps at Provincial standard. A little work to do before I’m quite there. Will never know until I run the real test. We ran it later in the day at 8:30pm and by the time we had completed lap 10 of the interval test, I could barely see my colleague in front of me. Training goes on whether day or night!


First kick-off of the season. Line in a local Men’s league with a colleague in the middle. The weather was awry with light rain 15 minutes into the game on the other side of the field and then heavy rain after half-time all over leaving us soaked. It was a fun crew to work with and I had plenty of decisions to make in the first half, for the most part, with offsides.

Returned that night to complete the Regional Upgrade online test of 25 questions that I needed to get a minimum of 80% on. The past year of studying and practice was put to the test and I finished the test in 3 minutes (set for 30 minutes). A huge sigh of relief when I saw the results page display 100% since I knew I wouldn’t change any of my answers. I put away the closed Law books relieved that the final step to the pre-season was completed and the next thing lined up was the two day in-class service training on the May 25th weekend.


Cooper test early morning in a nearby city. I had already run one and passed the required standard but wasn’t pleased with initial results so I decided to give it another go. Did better in some parts and worse in others relative to the last attempt. Last year’s results remain superior.

Immediately upon returning home, I was able to recover for an hour before joining a colleague to head down to Toronto for the FIFA HI test. Upon arriving, I met a lot of familiar faces that I had met before and watched the HI test proceed. It was definitely very interesting to see the various techniques used and encouraging colleagues on during the test.


Women’s league season’s opening game middle. Weather was terrible (cold). I dressed up with two under-shirts and two jerseys (same colour) on top of each other. Canada’s erratic weather. It was lightly hailing for ~30 seconds but thankfully stopped before I was about to suspend the match. The rest of the match proceeded with no incident and the weather improved; thankfully.


Outdoor football referee theory clinic. My topic was Law 12 for a little more than an hour’s session in addition to aiding with other topics.


Indoor football referee theory clinic. Short and sweet with only five referees on my roster this term. Most of my work was with marketing Futsal for a potential Fall transition.


Middle in a local Men’s league

Thursday 16th

Line in a local Men’s league

Mission Regional status: 2/20 by tonight

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