Game #2

This game was nine days ago but I thought I would post what I still remember.


My calves and hamstrings were still sore a few days after as I hadn’t done a full-field full length game like that for a long time. I should have stretched after the game as recommended. Hopefully I will start including that more regularly in my post-game routine.

The game moved quite fast and it was great to experience a challenging outdoor game after the long winter indoor season where things were duller.

I had a great pair of ARs for the game to help me out who helped me to no end. I get to work with them again in an assessment game next week!

One of my favourite/memorable decisions from the game included a scenario quite late in the match. Play had moved long over and quickly across the field to the penalty area where one attacker and defender was ready to challenge for the ball in the area and both players secluded from the rest of play. I was moving in through the centre circle since play was on the other end and I needed to get into position to get a good angle and restore credibility for any decision-making coming up. I was tiring though… Before I knew it, there was an incident in what appeared to be in the penalty area and the attacker yelled for a deliberate handling in what appeared to be in the penalty area. The attacker had blocked off my vision since he was between the incident and myself but I was suspect to what happened. Since I had not seen it, I couldn’t and didn’t make a decision in what felt like a long time.

I immediately after saw my senior AR raise the flag and indicate that a foul had occurred (he had followed my pre-game to wait and see my call and consideration for obstruction/credibility). I blew the whistle long and hard and was in full-sprint now to get to the position. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my AR quickly move from his position about 5 yards past the penalty area line to just outside the penalty area (he had given me the signal that it was outside the PA). A few seconds later I was standing just outside the penalty area indicating the free kick and there were no protests.

I knew the mechanic had been executed to perfection because without the indication of position, I would have adjusted my path to go straight to the penalty spot so the teamwork really prevailed in this scenario. Great example of assistance from an assistant referee that I will remember for a long time to come.


2 comments on “Game #2

  1. Ryan says:

    Glad to hear you got the mechanic for near-PA situations correct. That’s one of the most important aspects. It’s always great to have a good AR (ask any of our National List ARs and they’ll be very happy to tell you that themselves 😛 )

    • larbitre says:

      Tell me about it! I was so surprised how smoothly it went. I think it takes some great alertness and awareness as an AR to execute it to aid the referee.

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