MIT Tournament Weekend

A busy long weekend last week and they were early morning starts as I had to get over 30 kilometres across town just to get the ride to get to the field. I had left the house both days before sunrise and watched the sunrise as I waited for the bus during its infrequent early morning weekend schedule.


It was great working again with a familiar crew and watching their different refereeing styles at work. My middle was scheduled on the third of three games we were assigned on the day. The day was quite sunny and weariness sunk in post-game. After the game, I joined one of the crew members for a leisurely lunch where we talked about the weather and travel. Quite nice enjoying the time after the game to cool down and relax. Luckily I got a ride back home that day saving me the 30km trek back home.

The next day was another early morning start but worse since the bus service was even more infrequent! Surprisingly I made it at the agreed time given that I thought the schedule changes would have me arrive late.


Roberto Rossetti’s Body Language

The final game of the day was memorable. It was the final game of the U18 Boys division and both teams needed results to advance. The game put up a great challenge for me as both teams were eager to put the ball in the back of the net and frequently got frustrated with each other. One of my favourite moments is preventing confrontations from escalating as I saw on two occasions this game two players square up in frustration at each other. Luckily I was able to detect and get there on time to separate the players before anything else occurred. I also for the first time was able to use a bit of body language (pictured right) having seen it from Roberto Rossetti. The practice in front of the mirror worked well to break up groups of crowded players I had.

Following the games that day, our crew went for a bite to eat and some browsing in local sports stores looking here and there. Following a slow bite to eat and recovering from the heat of the day that the sun bore down on us, they all returned home and I sat by the bus terminal to return home. It was a long wait but I didn’t have to go back town for a longer detour.

Unfortunately the weekend’s proceedings and weather didn’t favour me too well as I felt sick (fever and a cold) and spent the remainder of the long weekend attempting to recuperate and be ready for my next appointments and school the next week.


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