Week 21, 22 & Clinic Weekend

Week 21 was quite busy after Game #3 in both my personal life and refereeing endeavours. Recovery from falling sick on the MIT long weekend was my main focus but the end of the week with a hustle-and-bustle for studies kept me busy. Thankfully no games during that time period as I pulled two straight all-nighters to get the work done and was looking forward to the weekend for what promised to be an exposure to advanced referee techniques and mechanics.

Soccer Centre


I came down to stay near the clinic area so I wouldn’t have too much to commute in the mornings. I had a decent sleep the night before but I was definitely looking forward to formal education after my Entry Level two years ago. Luckily I was able to connect with a colleague in the nearby area and carpool to the venue almost 40km away. I had worked with him the previous season when I was new to the area.

Upgrading Clinic

Day 1

Early arrival at the venue so my fellow referee KW relaxed for a while before making our way into the building. We slowly met faces we would be seeing for the rest of the weekend. I joined three other upgrading referees to help set-up the room before everyone was let in so we were able to check-in early and choose our seats in the room. The decor and lighting was very nice and appropriate for the size of the class.

Agenda for the day was a introduction of the instructors in the morning, an overview of the program from the Manager of Referee Development. It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces in terms of referee participants as well as a few instructors!

  • Assistant Refereeing
    • Nice way to start the clinic and discuss/clarify situations
  • Right Place Right Time
    • All in the name
  • Managing Confrontation
    • Analytical of a confrontation in nature which we are now expected to be able to deal with
  • Recognising Challenges
    • Highly debatable as always when everyone finds a red when it is supposed to be a yellow or vice versa! It was great otherwise to conform and form consistency.

Day 2


Agenda was:

  • 4th Official
    • Very interesting as it was very new; I hadn’t been a fourth official yet
  • Match Control
    • My favourite session; a theoretical approach to a very practical and realistic situation
  • Field Sessions
    • We had a lot of practical sessions here that I had already encountered with education sessions during the off-season

It was a great chance to meet other referees in the same situation as me (upgrading). Luckily I was able to find a fellow referee journeying back home that I was able to carpool with to return directly. An educational weekend and the official kick-start to the upgrading season.

Pre-reqs, done.

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