Futsal Exhibition

Being so busy with school work, the university intramural league, upgrading and what-not, I have had a separate agenda in morphing the university league into the ever-so popular sport of Futsal. It was to my pleasant surprise that there were several former Futsal players at the university very interested in the notion and in playing.

I only caught the Futsal fever eight months ago when I first started watching and understanding the fruit of the sport in player development. It has been a lot of refereeing and learning since then. It was nice refereeing Futsal after a month and a half break from it. I thought it would be far longer before I was near it again because of the strength of Futsal in the area.


I decided to put on two exhibition games and scheduled approximately 28 players in four teams for the time period and set-up time zoomed by quite quickly. The gym was quite easily set-up for the game and I proceeded to deliver a 3-5 minute briefing on the rules of Futsal which was well received by the players. A few clarifying questions were asked and before long, we were ready to go.

It was nice seeing an organised game of Futsal being run and I was eager to see the players’ reaction and the game being played on the court, which was potentially being considered too small. It was definitely a good use of space as players ran through small spaces and zigzagged passing was all over the court leaving the opposing team bamboozled.




It took about 10 minutes before players had settled into the routine but ball control became far more important in addition to precision passing. It was great watching a shift in playing style with more skill on display as well as fewer fouls and physicality; the norm in Indoor “Soccer”.

Players appeared to enjoy themselves and the experience after the final whistle and both games went quite well with a grand total of 6 accumulated fouls across both games and all teams. After all it was exhibition! Both games tallied a total of 22 goals most of which left the goalkeeper in front of the net astonished at how it had bypassed them with the rocket shots.

A survey was sent out last night and I have had an interesting set of responses so far. So far things look very positive for Futsal.


One comment on “Futsal Exhibition

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