Week 24

So Week 24 quietened down since I only had a double-header of weekday games on Thursday and one game on the weekend.

It may be funny to notice when you see me that the size of my beard is proportional to the number of days since my last qualifying game. The calibre of games is improving so I, of course, need to look presentable and neat.

The past Futsal exhibition really reminded me of the different effect Futsal and football refereeing has on fatigue. My ankles felt worn out after all the side-stepping required in Futsal but football has the effect on the entire body.

I spent early Saturday spectating and informally assessing a fellow referee in a Cup appointment that presented a good challenge to him and the debrief went well. There was surprisingly far less spectators than expected.


Great weather today before my game other than being a little sunny.june16062013

Got a replacement pair of Mundial Team boots after a year of use. They got really worn out from all the games I did last year. I am still breaking into the new pair but they look great so I have to be sure to maintain them as best as I can.





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