Feature: Refsworld Organiser

A feature on the magnificent Refsworld Organiser. I think the photos of this product are far more deceiving and don’t live up to the usefulness of this product.


More interestingly, here are some photos of my own organiser.

My Organiser





I have to say that this is a fantastic product! One of my absolute favourites because it is so innovative and simple that I’m surprised more referees don’t have this. I might be mad in saying this but I like it more than my Ervocom flags! Maddening… I know but I have never been so impressed with design in referee equipment before. Might also be because I have gotten used to the flags.

As you can see from the prior pictures, it opens up quite well and can store almost everything! Really all I need is this, my uniform holder and shoe bag for games and I am all set. In reality I carry a lot more since I like having a lot more stuff but it has my wallets, discipline cards, match cards, badges, sock holders, coins, sweatbands, pump, gauge, write-on cards, whistles and pens. It also has a copy of my FIFA Laws of the Game on the outside zip which is very convenient to hold paper etc. A very convenient packing of the referee essentials.

I personally have two organisers; one to take to games and one to hold all my back-up equipment that I keep at home.  The only thing I felt could be improved is the method of closing it. It currently closes quite deftly and neatly into the bundle pictured above but depending on the size and amount of things you pack into it, it can be more difficult. Mine fits snugly and I haven’t encountered anyone who has loaded enough stuff in to experience it but I see it as a possibility.

The material of the organiser is good quality and durable so I don’t see it getting damaged easily. A solid investment.


So to show how useful it is, Hary from Refsworld created his own video below. Best way to get away from that tupperware container or pouch where equipment is stuffed into and to look nice and professional all the field. Not to mention show-off to your peers! Gone are the days of digging through bags and containers!

Item Description


** New Design just in slightly larger and extra padding”

A tri fold compendium that neatly holds all your valued gear safe and secure.

Closed it is a very handy 20cm x 30cm open its a massive 58cm x 30cm.

Clear PVC pockets inside, allows you to locate your tools at a glance. It has enough room to hold all your essential tools of the trade.

Velcro strips and zips make access very simple.

On the flip side it has a full length zip to allow you to store your game sheets and match reports neatly and safely within your organiser. The time has come to ditch your lunch box or cake tin!

A quality product from Refsworld. Contents not included.

Referee Organiser. You simply can’t do without one.


I definitely recommend this product to any referee and it is worth every penny it goes for. The quality and usefulness of the product goes without saying. Post a comment if you have questions or want to share your thoughts!


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