Week 26

So Week 26 is about to begin. The conclusion of Week 25 was slow on the refereeing front. I have been absolutely MURDERED by assignments. School assignments. Urgh. It’s slowing down a bit but not as much as I had hoped. Hopefully this long weekend can let me get a grip on things.

In other news, I have been inactive when it comes back to my qualifying games mission in terms of middles. Two lines last week but this week spells some excitement and experience with three middles and an opportunity practice on feedback from assessments. I’ve been collecting field rust or whistle rust rather! All three are top-tier youth games so they should be excellent games.

In other news, this blog is cracked 11,000 lifetime views early yesterday and it’s all-time daily high at 421. And I have no clue who 95% of the readers are!

The weather poured rain down on Friday giving us some heavy rain that has been missing so far this summer. By the way… is it really summer? It’s been a bit humid but I’ve been wearing a jacket everyday with no problem. I wonder if this summer is going to be mild or if the heat is about to kick in in time for Ramadan. More on that later.


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