FIFA Laws of the Game 2013-2014

EDIT: Please see newer post

So after my build-up to July 1st it came out today! No… Not another Harry Potter book but even better; FIFA’s latest edition of the Laws of the Game.

Is it weird that I have been visiting the site a few times a day for the past week and every hour today?

Check it out below!

Laws of the Game 2013-2014

Laws of the Game 2013-2014

Thoughts on the new cover photo?

See page 59, 83, 84 for the brand new section on Additional Assistant Referees (AARs) fondly known as EARs by Hong Kong Referee. Page 107 for Goal-Line Technology.

On a side note, the FIFA Futsal Laws of the game has not been amended for this year and remains dated as last year. I suppose that means tape on the socks is fine in Futsal. A courtesy link below.

I’m not into Beach Soccer so I will refrain from sharing that link here.


9 comments on “FIFA Laws of the Game 2013-2014

  1. mohammed Mutaka Nashiru from Northern region(tamale),Ghana says:

    I want to sugest that the goal net be made compulsory.

    • larbitre says:

      It’s a little surprising that corner flags are compulsory but goal nets aren’t. I’m sure most games run without corner flags and with goal nets!

  2. deepak says:

    Refereeing is interesting if you know the laws and you know the techniques to control the game in a cool breeze manner. You will enjoy it.

  3. Yes! Finally someone writes about football.

  4. Thulane Lukhele says:

    please any referees help me inform with fitness test of S.A.B

  5. Johson Anye says:

    i am still a growing referee and i love the proferssion reason why am interested in noing law of the game

  6. Johson Anye says:

    i enjoy refering a game of football because i have found presure in it and ow interesting the is


    Can you please forward the 2014/2015 rule and regulations of football by FIFA to my mail box?

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