Ervocom Maintenance

So after the MIT long weekend, my Ervocom flags were decommissioned. The pin holding the strap in place and screws popped straight out of the receiver. The upper arm circumference accommodated by the receiver wasn’t kind on the rest of my crew and on one such occurrence of strapping to my colleague, the receiver popped as we attempted to loosen the strap. I heard the pin sling out and it fell to my dismay somewhere in the grass just outside the field. I hadn’t seen it fall; just heard it so searching was rather futile.

Despite searching some more at every opportunity between and after games, I had no luck and frankly, I was feeling sick after the games having spent all the time in the sun and the lack of sleep the night before. I knew I could try to get replacement parts which may have been the easier option.

A month later… Lo and behold, a letter arrived in the mail from Ervocom Switzerland. I had e-mailed them letting them know of my problem and they sent me the replacement pieces.

Ervocom Receiver Parts

Ervocom Receiver Parts

After a little figuring out on Monday night, I was able to replace the screws with Phillip screws and replace the pin and now its back up and running. It’s SO much easier to open the receiver with the new screws now. No longer a big mission and long affair.

I also learnt some new information.

  • When the red light starts blinking on the receiver, it will last for at least one half
  • Battery replacements in flags are far less frequent relative to the receiver battery replacement
  • Finally, removing the battery from the flags and receivers are recommended for long periods of inactivity to prevent battery leakage.

I’m looking forward to using the flags now when I’m in action!

One comment on “Ervocom Maintenance

  1. @southsurreyfc (Kevyn Oyhenart) says:

    Hey any idea how to pair the transmitter and pager? I just had to send my pager in to be fixed and when it came back, it is no longer paired with my flag transmitters. Cannot find anything anywhere on it on the internet. curious if you know?

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