Game #9, #10, #11 & #12

It’s been a busy week. Four middles and a change of having competitive youth competition and to cap it off with a bang in Mens competition.

How many times have you done a game experiencing Ervocom electronic flags, being at the field 2+ hours before kick-off and having ball-boys to provide replacement balls? Not to mention having to resort to a fourth referee uniform colour because the primary three are being used! Sounds like a FIFA-level match? It wasn’t… My first middle of week 27. Goal-less game it ended up being. Surprisingly… Things I didn’t clamp down on include dissent.

It was nice being back in action after almost two weeks of whistle rust collecting. I think the rust may have set in though this time because it was no easy game. There was almost no respite this game as any ball going out of play was met by an enthusiastic ball-boy throwing a ball to a player to let him restart immediately. It was a little different checking the ball pressure for 6+ balls!

Game #10 proceeded without difficulty being almost my easiest qualifying game of the campaign in terms of active man management but perhaps the most tiring in terms of distance covered while running.

Game #11 went more interestingly. A lack of concentration on my part and my ARs caused me to blow the whistle for an offside offence that wasn’t; on a potential break-away. Ball kicked by attacker, deflected off defender and went back to same attacker who was in an offside position (no offside offence). Definitely a mistake to learn from on mental awareness.

Game #12 had the meat of the work/headache/experience of this week. 2 red cards, 6 yellows and a special incident. Unavoidable incidents lead from one thing to the other and back-to-back dismissals and cautions. The past couple of days were spent writing up the reports. The first dismissals of the qualifying game campaign.

Take-away from the past week.

  • Call fouls faster. Not necessary to wait after every foul to see if advantage can develop because it raises the game temperature. A bad habit I picked up. Should be used appropriate to the situation and temperament.
  • Clamp down on dissent. Any blatant dissent must be punished but letting less minor dissent fester destroys the image and mood of the game. Ignoring it is not the solution. Protect the game.
  • Maintain awareness and alertness (a given)

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