Game #13, #14 & #15

The last week was slower but by no means less busy. A lot of mentoring and referee-spectating in the mid-week when I didn’t have games. I guess my week had something referee-related everyday.

Game #13: A nice long break before this game after crazy game #12. This was the second part of a double-header so I was low on energy since I was fasting up until kick-off. The Gatorade really brought my energy level back up.

Game #14: Youth competition where it was great to see players come out to play and a minimal number of fouls.

Game #15: This was a game to abandon the S-diagonal because the ball was all over and required my presence being a third-place clash. Also one of the few games I have worked on this season with grass as opposed to artificial turf. I took the rectangle positioning; got where I needed to be.
The game was on the night of the thunderstorm that swept through and kick-off had to be delayed for 30 minutes before the storm had moved on and we had safer conditions.
This was also a game where I was able to build better relationships with players for man management and learn some techniques on how to replicate it in the future.

Game #16: Tonight. All my homework done. Clean shave. Laundry. Polished shoes. Equipment/flag check done.


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