Week 31

It’s only been three days since I refereed last but I’ve been extremely fidgety and restless. Absolutely cannot wait to be out on the pitch anymore. I think I might be addicted to refereeing. Well you might have noticed I have a blog on it.

To curb the restlessness, I have converted the off-time into training and training hard. To be a champion, you have to train like one and nothing better than having a lot of energy while doing it. A lot of High Intensity practice.

I’ve also been doing my training with my Ervocom receiver on. I have been having comfort problems on and off wearing it and nothing better than having it on off the field so I get used to it on the field. The training has been at night after sunset, before sunrise when I’m not fasting. Usually about halfway in between.

I got caught at one point in my quarterfinal game having to run two deep sprints in both directions back-to-back before I realised I was burning out energy and was caught out of breath. I quickly thought back to the HI test to remember the breathing exercises and techniques to get my breathing back to a steady state and without anyone noticing (short of putting my hands behind my head to open my lungs and speed it up). It was back quickly thanks to the fact I was listening to my mentor during the practice sessions.

I also spent my break time between studying for exams with working on Futsal referee education material for the next month’s clinic I am leading. I managed to screen-cap a lot of diagrams from the Laws of the Game and structure the PowerPoint. I’m looking forward to delivering it and seeing the pool of referees I get to work with for the new Futsal league. It’s not going to be an easy task working with players and referees both new to Futsal.

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