adidas World Cup 2010 Jerseys

From what I have seen released from adidas, the 2010 series for referee uniforms have been the most successful and best yet design.

World Cup 2010 Referee Kit

Here is Hong Kong Ref’s unveiling blog post of this uniform series early in 2010.

I find it hard to imagine adidas topping this in next year’s edition of the World Cup. They have to come up with something good to get us all to upgrade and for them to make some good money. We’ll see how they fare when the first sets are made and reviewed. Dutch Referee blog has a post on the uniforms as well. I’m sure a lot of people are preparing to pre-order on the early posting.


World Cup 2014 Referee Kit

The uniform business is a funny one. Adidas updates its kits once every two years in time for the Euros and for the World Cup but updates its Champions League kits every single year. Since we have established this far that a referee kit needs to change at least once every year, buying uniforms is like keeping up with the latest fashion and trends. Now I haven’t been in refereeing long enough to say I have been buying/updating kits but I have caught on to how annoying this business can be.

World Cup 2010 Referee Kit

Ultimately every referee wants to look good on the field and we all look up to FIFA referees as our role model. Conveniently, FIFA referees are provided their kits by adidas (stroke of genius on their part) so them wearing the kits entices us referees at the grass roots to purchase the same equipment. It’s an unfortunate cycle of purchasing kits but hopefully all of us referees will make a stand at one point and buy one kit to rule them all! We then proceed to use that uniform set till kingdom come despite any other new kits adidas comes up with! The dream but is that going to happen? Probably not.

For now my kit upgrade plan is once every four years with the World Cup kits. The uniforms will have to speak for themselves when they are unveiled.

I recently noticed that since many referees upgraded to this kit (adidas WC 2010), the remaining who missed out before production ended are in search of these sets which are few and scattered. Here are a few links that may have the 2010 set left.

Hope it helps!


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