HI Practice Dubai

So the second location for HI test training; Dubai. If India was hard, this was expected to be much harder given the humidity level and heat. Tiring was expected much earlier in the running.

The run was a little different this time because I was equipped with undershorts this time. It had been a long time coming; the search for the right pair. The ones I found in the past were ridiculously expensive. I finally managed to find the perfect pair for a decent price; oddly enough adidas.


You’ll notice that the photos on this post aren’t up to par. It’s my phone camera which I have used for all the previous photos but I think it’s Dubai’s weather/humidity that fuzzes it up and it makes it all look atrocious. At least relatively. Hope it’ll do for now.

Moving on…

So I had predicted to be sweating halfway through the first lap but boy was I wrong. It was before the run! I didn’t even have to move much before the blast of humid, warm air hit me in the face as I left home.


Perhaps a little greener than you thought Dubai would be? The weather hasn’t changed in the least though because of it.

Check out this conservative Dubai weather forecast.



I definitely caught enough Vitamin D.

I decided to change things up again and dressed up in my referee uniform and put the usual things in my pockets to weigh me down a bit and to emulate a closer in-game experience. I also ran on grass on the field wearing my Mundial team boots. Compared to my last HI test practice in India, the distances for the run were much closer to the real thing as I used the following diagram.


Notice the world’s tallest building, in the distance, to the left of the orange building. The other buildings are much much closer for a frame of reference.

I completed 10 laps of the intensity test although my jog reduced pace from lap 6 onwards. I have to say the amount of water loss was colossal. My clothes were drenched in sweat. In fact I’ve never remembered sweating this much in any game I’ve played or refereed before. It also wasn’t all to do with the running, rather the humidity and heat. Much easier to pass out from heat exhaustion in this weather.

The sweating played a big factor in tiring as some of the recovery portions I was too tired to raise my hands behind my head to aid in  breathing.


It’s definitely an interesting place to practice. This humid, hot weather and it’s opposite (much colder) are great extremes to experiment and train in. I’m sure if you can pass it in both those conditions, anything else will be fine.

A little more than a week left before Game #21.

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