Futsal Exhibition 3

After my return with some hectic travel, I was able to host the third and final Futsal exhibition timeslot in my last ditch attempt to promote the sport on-campus prior to registration closing and the official season kick-off in 9 days.


I invited a member of the city Futsal league to come down to watch the proceedings and they quite enjoyed it. I was also able to follow a similar system to the last time where I was busy tending to players’ questions and the overall organisation of the event as well as video recording and taking photos.

To my shock there was a whopping 68 people who came down. This time I didn’t host registration and made it a free-for-all invitation. In retrospect I wouldn’t have wanted to turn away players so we rotated the game as much as we could by letting teams play 10 minute matches with no halves for two hours. Following that, we switched fixtures every 5 minutes or when the first goal was scored; whichever happened earlier. This made the games really exciting as the loser would have to switch off or both teams in the event no goals were scored.

I hopped in to referee a few matches into the day and continued till 10pm as everyone was eager to play. It was with disappointment that we had to leave since everyone was so energetic about the new sport which has me excited that it looks positive. All the remaining participants pleaded us, the referees, to stay to facilitate the game but we had already handled 2.5 hours of non-stop refereeing (no half-time breaks either!). Hopefully another time.

It was also a nice change to referee Futsal. I hadn’t done so for four months and hadn’t refereed at all for a month! I enjoyed the game very much taking charge when I felt was needed and letting players play the game and learn more about the Beautiful Game’s would-be baby. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of games in the league and re-align my game management.

Here’s some footage of the gameplay I managed to take when I was not refereeing.

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