Week 38 Continued

So this is a little unorthodox but I decided to publish two posts in quick succession because of things going on in general.

I’ve noticed that refereeing has been able to help me generally reduce any body fat. Now I don’t mean the tubby kind of fat. I mean general body fat which has rather turned to muscle. Thankfully this job is exercise.


The next item is day before’s assessment. I have to say I really enjoyed it (not only because it was a good game) but because I felt the feedback was a lot less hostile in the way it was delivered. It was more of an open forum discussion where I asked a lot of questions and the whole crew had a lot of discussion. Very educational all in all which I believe all assessments should be like.


Today wrapped up an outdoor football clinic with a large class of referees and it was a lot of fun instructing in such of a big group. It seems referee development is building up to be quite strong in the university league. Tonight’s weather was quite cool so we were all in our track suits or in warm wear. The nice thing was that I was able to take the experienced referee group and have a bit of fun with them with a few exercises on the opposite end of the field and take them through an organised warm-up around the field and laugh together.

The photos on this post are also random photos of the general area/weather over this past week and yesterday respectively.

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