Ball Rolling on Futsal

So the Futsal season is creeping up upon us and is soon to be fully underway with my league kicking-off this Saturday with the inaugural opener. A bit of hype in it as well!

Referee clinics for this week are done with a lot of work to assess and work with referees over the course of the term. Now it’s onto scheduling and sometimes it’s surprising how effective phone scheduling and direct chatting can be. Also as a tidbit, here is the presentation I used to present Futsal rules of the league to players and referees of the league.

CR Futsal Rules

I also tried out a projector in my room and it worked awesome with the blank walls I have for watching football matches. Maybe that’s what I need next. Perhaps on Black Friday.

Good thing the UEFA Champions League is back. Good football is back with some refereeing to scrutinise. On the topic of watching football matches, I absolutely love the sound of the crowd humming and buzzing in general that sometimes I leave a match playing when I’m studying or going to sleep!

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