Week 38 Continued 2

So week 38 continues with yet another post. This never ends.


Good thing I’m talking while I still have time to blog this often. This is a blurry shot of the away team bus just driving out near the field area as I was arriving to the field. The team had just beat me to the field. It was nice getting a Provincial level appointment with everyone taking a degree of seriousness in the game and to work with some out-of-town officials that I hadn’t met before.

It had been raining since the previous night with a thunderstorm that hit the majority of the southern part of the Province. You can see the rain’s effect in the photo above.

Pre-game preparations were much more relaxed because we had plenty of time and were done thoroughly. The game went quite well and it was quite cold when we stepped out of the facility towards the field. We were getting wet from the non-stop rain and my glasses were getting wet too as usual but enough to see. The game was soon underway at the published time and I had plenty of action on my side for both halves and the rain eventually abated. Not too cold to referee so just a little below the perfect weather.

I really enjoyed the changing room facilities. Definitely much bigger than Old Trafford’s referee dressing room from what I’ve seen in photos! It was definitely more time commitment for the game but a different enjoyable experience altogether.

After the game and getting changed, I went to watch the opening games of the Futsal season which were well-managed and went quite well. Very exciting which has set up some excellent prospects for the future. Hope all the games go like this.

Game #22 and what could be my final middle in Canada in two hours.

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