Game #22

Coming off a weekend with some crazy rain, I was set to do, what could be, my final middle in the country. Here’s a snapshot of the travel on the way to the field. This was an out-of-town match so I left home 80 minutes before kick-off with my friend and crew member RM.


The weather was cool on the day but not cold enough to warrant having to bundle a lot of undershirts. I made do with my training jersey and my long-sleeve adidas 2010 black. I did start the first half wearing one glove on my left hand (I use my right hand for my whistle and don’t want to have to fumble around for it or with my wallet/pen). I ended up leaving the gloves back in my bag for the second half.

Both ARs in the crew were people I knew and that I had worked with before so the foundation of the team was there.

Here are some shots of the field as we circled for the pre-match field inspection.

centBowlGuelph centBowlGuelph2

The match ended with a caution and a dismissal for two cautions. The dismissal was really an unavoidable one as despite prior warnings, it continued and the second yellow came out two minutes before the 90.

The game otherwise was quite evenly matched until three-quarters through when two goals were netted for the away side.

Fitting weather to end my outdoor season in the Great White North.


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