Week 41 & 42

So it’s been a busy two weeks and there is absolutely no way I would be able to recall everything. There’s been a lot refereeing-related. In fact it’s always on my mind but it was a good time to get back into study mode and take a break from perpetually thinking about it. Goes the other way too!

I’ve decided to focus on the major stuff which is separated into three parts; education session, referee-spectating and training.

Futsal Education Session

A local referee assignor, who I am indebted to for my progress, needed an instructor for a Futsal refresher and asked me so, of course, I enthusiastically said “Yes!” earlier last month.

Here are the presentation slides I used. I realise that there is not much Futsal material around the Internet so hope this contributes! The slides also have an animation of how the incident of a sixth and onwards accumulated foul works. It’s not extremely intuitive as it is best accompanied by a speaker explaining of course so feel free to ask here if you are confused by some part.

Futsal Refresher Presentation

I presented a lot of items on the spot as my agenda was only what I was informed of. The rest had to be done on the fly since it was a full refresher; contrary to what I was informed of. Nevertheless it was interesting. I think the speed of delivery of my content might have been fast as was the feedback from the resident FIFA referee in attendance. As is usual in talks, some people always look bored out of their minds so my motivation was to get the information across as quickly and as efficiently as possible in the interest of everyone’s time. The discussion yielded a lot of good questions clarifying a lot of rules for everyone and myself; there is no document outlining the league’s own rules so I learnt a bit along the way as well. Referees, coaches and captains were in attendance at this meeting.


This was an interesting night. The local Mens league were playing their play-off semi-finals and I decided to join a referee friend of mine to go watch. I knew the crew working the games so we went to watch some football and see what was set-up for the final.

Both games were eventful and very exciting to watch as a spectator and as a referee-spectator.

Here is a shot of the field before the first semi-final game.


The second game was an unexpected appointment for the referee in the middle as a group of referees were there to watch the game all around the field but the appointed referee had to be replaced. The game was well-managed and had a few interesting scenarios that we discussed throughout the course of the game. Always a great education opportunity.

The match had a comeback from 2-0 down, went to KFPM, quite a lot of drama and even an assault. I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

The night only ended at 1:30am after a hearty post-game discussion and laughs about the days proceedings.


My profession by design has me sitting indoors in front of multiple computer screens programming so refereeing is a great way to break out the door or at least give me an excuse to!

That’s what Monday was for! I joined a referee in the local area for a run. We met at my place and after he started his phone’s GPS and fitness monitor, we started a brisk jog and created our path along the way. Unfortunately having been fairly inactive over the past few weeks, I was huffing and puffing a bit relative to him. 5 kilometres later and what I think was approximately 22 minutes with a lot of downhill and uphill as well as scenery, we were back at the start point and finished off with a cool down recovery walk.

Unfortunately, I didn’t stretch properly after the run and still felt sore muscles for the following two days. It was definitely a lot more fun than training alone though as there is always a pace-setter and company! The scenery probably would have been a lot more enjoyable had it not been for the tire.

Unfortunately no pictures to accompany as the focus was on the running that day!

The week now continues with an AR appointment in the Final this weekend which is my last outdoor game of the season.


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