Week-end of Week 42

Also forgot to mention in my last post that I received a large package from Refsworld.


How much referee equipment can you picture inside it? It’s not all for me but more on that in a few months.


So having got ahead in school work, the near future looks to be slowing down for the moment… I had been brainstorming more ideas for my Futsal league but nothing. I’ve run out of ideas to attract more players to the sport or improve the league since all my other ideas were successful. There is always something but nothing I can think of to feasibly execute for the time-being.

I spent a little time working on referee recruitment and setting up my own LTRD (Long-Term Referee Development) for the next Futsal season coming in a little over two months; three seasons a year.


I had a nap in the evening the day before so after a late night, I slept late but woke up early because of some loud music from a roommate. Not long later, I received a text for another run! This time it was a morning run and class was 3 hours away so I jovially agreed.


This time we covered 5km and an extended route. Despite plenty of downhills, I knew I would pay for it with uphills since we had a circuit and what goes down, must come up. Or was the saying different? 😉

This time we had a short cooldown but I was sure to stretch to reduce the effects of sore muscles as I was heading into the final weekend of outdoor games. I was much happier with the progress. I chatted with my running partner for the first few kilometres and saved the rest for breathing. It was a good opportunity to push the heart rate up and force it up for HI.


The university outdoor football league required a last minute replacement for the evening and I quickly filled in which took up the rest of my day. A seagull enjoyed watching the game as well as it positioned itself a few yards into the field from the touchline. It was then an early night for me.


Final weekend of outdoor games for good reason. FREEZING on Saturday. Thanksgiving is usually my indicator of Fall starting and needing to wear a thick jacket and transition into Winter gear slowly. No more sandals for seven months…


Also a little less of these wandering around…


I had two morning games and two evening games. It was a cold day so after the morning experience, I made sure to layer and wear gloves in preparation for the cold weather. An emphatic DOGSO-H punch at the ball in the morning to make things dramatic.

The evening was quite chilly and a nice experience working with a familiar official.




So Sunday was quite slow and uneventful in the sense that I didn’t do a lot of things on the day. I went out for breakfast with friends who came from out-of-town mid-morning.

The major event of the day was my line in the local Mens’ league final. I was very much looking forward to this appointment.


After casually strolling from the bus stop (photo above) to the field just on the other side of the lights, I was at the field quite early. Early enough that the field wasn’t set-up and that one of the goals were up at the halfway line. Why? I had no clue and two or three people playing pick-up football.

Just as I walked near the field, I saw the away team coach arrive as well and we had a brief chat. Since I was 80 minutes away from kick-off, I didn’t expect anybody around for a while. Why 80 minutes? The appropriate time that the bus schedule permitted me to get to the field so I obliged.

I decided to do a thorough net check and started with the goal at the halfway mark. Took my shoes off, rolled up my sleeves and started mending tears and anchoring the bottom of the net to the ring on the post as pictured below (there are actually a lot of knots around that ring underneath holding it down).


After I finished working on the net and avoid getting hit by the pick-up players, the away team coach helped me push the net back to the appropriate position and I measured the distance from the post to the intersection of the goal area line and the goal line to make sure it was appropriate. We adjusted it twice before getting it right.

I proceeded to the next net and started doing my work there before I was surprised by a referee spectator who had arrived with the referee. We had met at my last line two weeks earlier with the same referee. We had a chat before proceeding to meet the referee who had checked the other net I had worked on.

Before I knew it, the rest of the crew was there along with a few other referee spectators. The pre-game activities ensued, then the coin toss and after that the net check. I was very mindful of the unmend-able hole in the net in case of an issue.

The game started and the first few minutes only needed throw-in decisions from me. Eventually a foul near me and plenty of offside “wait & see”s throughout the game along with lots of side-stepping. By half-time, all the referee spectators had arrived and all in a big group.

The game ended fantastically in terms of game management and was one of the best referee-ed games I had ever seen (not with regards to my part). Most people think the best referee isn’t one that is noticed but it is, in fact, the one that is not afraid to step out of the shadows to take the correct decision. And that’s just what happened in what was a great game.

A great way to end the season. Despite the onset of Futsal, I am going to miss outdoor football for the next seven months.


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