Week 44 & 45


So for some odd reason, I hardly remember what was going on in Week 44. Probably since it ended off in a finale of busy work leading into the next week too.

What I do remember is a trip and a break from university by going to visit relatives in Toronto and calling all my refereeing friends in town to have a chat with them and catch up over the phone. I was in-touch with most of them over the phone or via e-mail but it isn’t the same, of course.

On another note, remind me never to accept a request to fix someone else’s laptop for free. The weekend between these two weeks was spent cleaning out a computer for a referee friend that was more work than it was initially cut out for. I spent a lot of frustrating time trying to evict viruses out of it and lost a few drivers in the process that was quite difficult to find again. Definitely not worth my free time.


On Monday I was playing in an intramural game! It was our play-off semi-final having edged a win in our quarterfinal by 1-0. Having spent the last night and the entire day working on a 4pm assignment deadline, I was weary and exhausted and had a chat with my team captain four hours prior to KO. I decided to get as much work done as I could and then take a break with some football. 9:30pm arrived and I had gotten changed and started jogging to the field. The temperature was at -12 degrees so I was wearing my regular football kit with a long sleeve shirt underneath and track pants over my shorts.

The team we played was quite evenly matched with us and would have quite likely ended in a stalemate. The game ended 1-0 for our opponents on a decisive penalty kick for handling (not KFPM) and as always I tried to play the smart game by taking quick restarts when everyone was confused or not ready to maximise the time we needed to make a comeback but unfortunately the only time we hit the back of the net, our striker was just offside from a free kick. A disappointing loss but such is life. It’s a game and nothing more.

In other news, my Futsal league has brand new balls as we continue the experiment to find a good brand and we UHL Sport is next on the list soon to be followed by umbro. Photos below.





I have also been spending time with my league’s Advanced division, which is quite frankly All-Star. I’ve been having my referees phone-in the scores so I can upload the match report online and they can see an immediately updated league table. I know several players log on frequently as well as attend rival matches in person to scout other teams.

Did I say I was mentioned on the latest Refereesworld podcast? Again! That was pretty cool but I couldn’t stop my ears going red with embarrassment thinking so many other referees must be listening to the podcast as well.

Having listened to my latest intro to psychology lecture, I know that I still find the intrinsic value in football and refereeing. I’ve been told “Don’t lose the passion”. Hopefully not any time soon.


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