Week 46

An Arctic chill blasted over North America or at least the northern part this past week requiring, at least, a temporary upgrade from fall jacket to winter jacket as we were left with snow on the ground for a bit.


Snow was falling thick and pelting me as I walked through on the way to a Futsal game.


The weather looks favourable leading into this Sunday which is nice considering I will be outdoors for at least 3 hours in a referee kit for the last time in the next four months. Looks like plenty of rain.


Early this week was echoed by the following meme’s sentiment with my workload leading into mid-week which has thankfully passed.

I feel there is always something to learn every week from studying and continuously learning from the Laws and discussion. Reflecting on my Mens league final line last month, I realised that I wasn’t quite holding the flag properly for the substitution signal. I was holding with one hand on the handle and the other keeping the flag down since it is usually windy but I was told by a National to focus on holding the flag handle and top as opposed to worrying about how the flag was flapping. Another thing I learnt earlier this week was that excessive force doesn’t necessarily have to involve contact. Hence a great explanation (via the Laws) on how a challenge can be with excessive force but be with no contact e.g. mostly referring to attempts.

Another big learning point was how time and respect develop over time with players in a league and a referee and how it helps match officials to gain match control easier when players are more familiar with the personality behind the referee in the long-term. This is stuff I have seen a little from my own Futsal league and the outdoor league and what I have observed with other referees in all levels of the game.

Speaking of my own Futsal league, play-offs have kicked off and it’s like our very own World Cup as the Advanced division contains many highly skilled teams to be pitted against each other beginning in the Round of 16 this week. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this develops.

The referee meeting earlier this week went great and it was a hearty affair as the roster involved were five senior officials and we had plenty of discussion on what had happened and developments for the league.

General Football

Here’s a funny GIF on Aaron Ramsey approaching goal and the goalkeeper hoping to deny the goal; specific emphasis on the GK. I stumbled upon this.

Also another great goal I was admiring. You might have to watch this on YouTube but I can’t believe I was around when this was scored. When I first saw it, I thought it was from a long time ago. The technique in the volley to keep it fast and low is simply amazing.


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