Final Middle 2013

So with insanely good weather today, it’s hard not to look forward to the final middle tomorrow of 2013 to cap off an interesting year. This was the weather two days ago. It’s been warming but likely only temporarily.


The forecast promises something good tomorrow in terms of overall temperature but I can’t help feeling slightly worried at the thunderstorm forecast during KO time. Only time will tell but I certainly hope the weather forecasters are wrong.


On a completely different side note, I’ve been prepping my flag system for use tomorrow and messing around with the system to learn a bit more about the individual parts.



From AR to AAR quite easily.


I wonder if I will ever need that with this equipment set. This is slightly longer than the actual ones used since it’s actually for a flag but it works with the same purpose.

I decided to next work on my shoes. The last time I worked in them it was a rainy and cold night so they had gotten dirty but I didn’t do my usual post-game maintenance because I was frozen. It was a little harder working the dirt off but I managed to scrub most of it off and preserve most of its pristine-ness of looking brand new. I’m trying to keep it looking as good as possible. These are my “turf” version of the shoes so they don’t usually get very dirty or soiled but I was disappointed some of the whiteness was gone since I last didn’t brush them.


The usual pre-game e-mails were sent to both my crew and the captains to organise uniforms and pre-game procedures.

It’s going to be a good run tomorrow come rain or cold and being in action. It’s going to be hard to walk away from the field saying goodbye for the footballing off-season. The withdrawal symptoms will be inevitable.

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