Week 48 & 49

After a long break from blogging anything going on with me, I managed to find sometime to blog again.

Titling these posts has really emphasised how the weeks are melting away in the year leaving barely three left.

I have a buffer of blog posts on education material that I roll out when I don’t have time to blog or every now and then. The last one was Body Language which is one of my favourite education topics. I got a decent amount of views on the post (which is what I use to decide what education topics work best and whether I should keep doing it) so if it goes up I might make it more regular.


Week 48 was spent developing (programming) router software and I went to a whopping 100,000 keystrokes in the span of 3 days so I felt my RSI return. I gave my hand a break from computers as a result and rolled out the education post instead. This is why refereeing is such an awesome escape from my primary role/industry.



Meanwhile, earlier in the week I had been a part of the refereeing team for the local league’s Futsal quarterfinals which went interestingly enough. I had been so engrossed and busy with my school work leading into mid-week and the end of week that I completely missed the semi-finals one of which I heard ended at a final score of 9-9 with an equaliser in the last 20 seconds and penalty shoot-outs going up until 9 kicks! I also missed the recognition night for the league I work in where I reached a milestone of 200 officiated games within the league.


It’s been convenient to just carry the equipment I need to the games in my organiser equipment (shoebag and organiser) for the certain games I don’t need my trolley bag. After all, in the snow, it’s rather inconvenient to attempt to wheel a bag. It’s more like ploughing if anything.



The snow was bearing down in Week 48 with this flurry but the start of Week 49 brought a brief warm spell. The photo above will be a vacation compared to what we are in for within a month’s time. In fact, there was some great forecasted weather for mid-Week 49. That meant running outside again despite the early initial depression that snow brought out.

I received a piece of advice on Week 47 Friday. On this particular night was a ref meeting and I had only found out the news of my successful upgrade only 30 minutes prior. I received congratulations from a few of the local referees and was reminded

“Don’t forget your roots”

The idea that moving up affects your ego and impression of games you once did as being “lower-level”. Important advice to remember.


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