Referee Christmas

My interest in refereeing has spawned off several side-businesses for me. One with my expertise in computing and the next in marketing.

I’m going to focus on the latter and I hope the next couple of photos widen your eyes.

A common sight in my room:

refsworldSpoils shipmentSpoils umbroTrolleyBag wallets

So being a student, I don’t have much money… or space… or anything for that matter other than books. Well e-books since most of my books are technology-related. That means that after I started to re-sell high-end referee equipment, my room also became a referee equipment storage unit. It was rather frustrating to see referees afraid to purchase equipment online when quite frankly, it was cheaper, better quality and faster to get it from abroad via e-commerce.

I guess this might be enlightening to regular readers wondering about all the mysterious packages I have been receiving and what I was suggesting when I said I would later explain. This is just one of many photos. As a visitor, you may think that it was referee Christmas!


One comment on “Referee Christmas

  1. larbitre says:

    Speaking of Referee Christmas, have you checked out this sale?

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