Week 50, 51 & 52

The past two weeks wrap-up exams and mark the start of the Winter break. Break mind you being two weeks which is nothing considering a new school term starts right after and the marathon continues.

Plenty of photos on this post so it may be a lot to scroll through! My thoughts (the storyline) might be slightly muddled as it was hard to sequence three weeks worth of activity in one post when recalling.

Week 50

The snow has fallen and we had this.




but it was too good to be true and now everywhere is covered in snow like this… (don’t think these photos do it justice)


… everywhere.

Eventually the next post might be with me like this in a ref kit.

Meanwhile, frequent study breaks included looking at any new match incidents, discussions with colleagues and training as usual. Also keeping an eye on UEFA Champions League football. Here’s a snap right at the end during Borrussia Dortmund’s winning goal to secure a spot in the Last 16 eliminating Napoli despite a 2-0 win over Arsenal.


I also got the Ervocom parts I needed in the mail to fix the pieces I had lost from my last middle! Definitely glad I chose Ervocom over Touchline with the customer service they have and from what I have observed/heard about both sets of flags. So my flag set is repaired/replaced now.


Week 51

Futsal match appointments and web design of various football-related ventures is a simple description of Week 51 but far from covers the sheer amount of covered. I wrote up a Futsal test for my referees and a short test for the senior referees to put their observation/assessing skills to the test.

In other news, I worked a set of Futsal games outside the university league in the city two weeks ago and I was appointed with our resident FIFA referee. FIFA football referee that is. Futsal is a different game! That night there were an interesting set of games and my first opportunity to work with him which I was very excited for. At the end of the night, I enjoyed the set of games we had and was quite exhausted. When we sat down for coffee, he commended my application of advantage which, for me, was the highest honour. Three applications of advantage in the game from me each led to goals which is one of the best feelings you can get as a referee.

Week 52

I was reminded on my short trip away from home last week that football brings everyone from all interests and cultures together. The best example of this is the World Cup and every young referee remembers what they are working towards, what all the difficulties are for. It’s not enough to be a FIFA referee. World Cup is the goal of every referee.

It’s going to be hard for the next World Cup to beat these two songs.

An ice storm blew through and left the trees looking like icicles.



I also received Futsal appointments back in the league I started in so I went away for the weekend. I was quite excited leading up to game day but the morning of just as I was getting ready to step out of the house 2.5 hours before KO, I received an e-mail announcing the game cancellations due to the ice storm (freezing rain). Unfortunate but things happen.

I was also very recently working on a piece of code to fix my game journal format. A post to come on Game journalling soon!

Last three weeks have been busy. Large boatload of ref equipment to handle soon.

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