Week 52 Training

There’s been training here and there between the last bunch of blog posts. They had their own focuses so I didn’t want to interrupt and add this info in between.




This night was a run of the HI test at 30-40 interval. I could definitely feel my chest tightening on Lap 7 but I wonder under real test conditions whether I would be able to pull off a pass. The track we used was slightly longer than ideal; 225m. The timing was accurate, however, as we used the audio file for the relevant interval test.


The next level of interval testing 30-35, which is run by Nationals and FIFAs, seems out of reach for the moment but I’ll need to overcome that training barrier to improve my fitness to the next level.


It was a good run and I felt great after. I’m probably feeling the effects of runner’s high.

I was sure to follow-up the running with stretching at home during my cool down to minimise effects later and for recuperation. The stretching has definitely helped the next day. I did follow-up the next day with more stretching to be re-charged and ready.

Recovery is key.


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