So 365 days of the year come to a wrap and plenty of refereeing action in an emphatic 99 posts on this blog. Didn’t expect to keep up and write so much in a year.

The year was undoubtedly a success for me given that all the efforts into upgrading paid off. The season was quite a roller-coaster and somehow the format of the football season here is good to an extent. The long pre-season gives us a break off the field (other than indoor and Futsal) and allows us to recharge, focus on some training as well as go through some Laws of the Game education to further our understanding. The season ends up being quick and short so every game counts and it’s hard not to enjoy every minute of it. The post-season is then the time to wind down and the opportunity to step back and take a few deep breaths before getting back into it again!

The past year was interesting no doubt as I started instructing in an unofficial context having covered Body Language, Refereeing By Yourself and Managing Free Kicks. My next topic of interest is Simulation in football which was sparked during on of the international World Cup play-off matches I was watching. More on that in the Simulation post later.

The season was a roller-coaster ride as I had some great games and some bad ones as well (as expected) but there was a lot to take away from it from the experience.

  • Very much so with building a diagonal panoramic view of play by running an S-diagonal.
  • Another lesson was dissent spreads on the field like a disease. It doesn’t take very long for it to damage the atmosphere of the game if not dealt with.
  • The season was a big lesson in carding mechanics as I received so many differing views on how to do it that it was hard to please everyone. Communication and image were the two big things I learnt about cautions/dismissals and making intentions clear.

I just completed my referee expense reporting for the year so I closed the books on 2013.

Some other interesting info for 2013.

  • 91 Futsal games (Winter season)
  • 12 Indoor games
  • 79 football matches
  • 24 Futsal games (Fall season)

Hopefully plenty more refereeing experience and instructing to come. Assessing is another arena I would like to get formally into.

I think I will have one week next year where I will publish 7 posts in a week (one each day). More to come on that soon and I’ll try to have as much education as I can on it. Like this post if you want that! Stay tuned for more.

Bring on 2014!

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